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January 2023 Shreni Exams

Sunday, 8th Jan 2023 - 9 AM to 12 PM

શ્રી બૃહદ મુંબઇ વર્ધમાન સ્થાનકવાસી જૈન મહાસંઘ સંચાલિત માતુશ્રી મણિબેન મણશી ભીમશી છાડવા ધાર્મિક શિક્ષણ બોર્ડ શ્રેણી પરીક્ષા - Sunday, 8th Jan 2023 Sunday *Registration Links* Offline Exams _(Regular and OpenBook)_ https://jainshikshan.org/newform/student_register.php?sub=list સમય : 9am to 12pm (Indian Time) - શ્રેણી 1 થી 24 _(Offline means you have to go to Nearby Sangh and give exam)_ *Note for International Students* You will receive the PDF file for all shrenis in whatsapp group for your registered exams. You have to submit your answer by scanned copy within 24 Hours. You have to send scanned answer papers on this number wa.me/919702277914 Registration is compulsory for all format of exams. Online Multi-choice exam registration link will be shared after 15th Aug 22. Any Queries Send message on wa.me/919wa.me/919702277914 OR wa.me/919wa.me/917977001205 *Join on Telegram* https://t.me/+VNsHhkLiUsUEOXrw *Follow Our FB Page* https://www.facebook.com/jaineducationboard *Our Website* https://www.jainshikshan.org/ જય જિનેન્દ્ર - All the Best - Share in your groups 🙏🙏🙏